Bancard Financial’s Website Undergoes An Overhaul

//Bancard Financial’s Website Undergoes An Overhaul
Bancard Financial’s Website Undergoes An Overhaul 2020-02-27T00:04:00+00:00

Bancard Financial,  your foremost business partner for expert card processing of electronic payments for your products and services announced on its 31st anniversary in business Friday September 1, 2016 the official debut of their new and improved website; envisioned to deliver an improved user experience with easier navigation and receptive design.

Hadley Starkey, Bancard Financial’s CEO said of the revolution, Our Industry is constantly changing and evolving and so to keep up with the times, we felt it was time to become more connected to our clients.  We’re in a mobile world these days and recognized, people get their info on their mobile devices first.  So our first priority was to make our new site mobile friendly.

Established clients to will notice the modifications instantly as the new design is much easier to navigate.  No matter where you stroll around the site, it’s very responsive to get back to the Home Page.”  Hadley noted.

At Bancard Financial, we always strive for complete transparency, so for this site, we also included a glossary of Payment Industry terms for people to become more familiar with and educate them.  These terms are geared towards the products and services we offer most, like Merchant Accounts, Cash Advances, High Risk Merchant Accounts, and eCommerce just to name a few.

Bancard Financial welcomes you to visit our new designed site often and if you, or anyone you happen to know needs expert card processing at affordable rates with the best in class Customer Service, then we’re here to proudly serve your business anywhere in the World.

Bancard Financial is Headquartered in Glendale, Arizona.  Since our start in 1985, we have always made it a goal to stay ahead of the trends in card processing and offer you supreme cutting-edge comprehensive payment processing solutions.  We are your foremost business partner for expert card processing whether your business is online, offline, or on the go.

Regardless of your business model, or type, we can customize a professional payment solution with all major credit cards, over 50 currencies, in 192 countries, and nearly 200 bank partners.   Bancard Financial serves over 20,000 merchants around the world today and we are your most passionate, dependable, durable business partner in the high risk merchant segment anywhere whether that be in the US, UK, Australia, Asia, or Canada.     Bancard Financial’s Website Undergoes An Overhaul