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We are fully committed to serving merchants, we make the impossible happen.  High Risk merchants are no exception.  They’re our specialty.  We want to come up with the best solutions for you whether you are just starting up or you are already highly successful and you’re looking for a competitive merchant account solution, or anywhere in between.  Bancard Financial is able to offer a variety of payment processing solutions that meet your needs.

High Risk Merchants call on us FIRST.  Our solutions are fast and easy.  We also offer quick and reliable payment processing along with high security features.  Our Gateway Partners can help you make payment processing run very smoothly. Working with Bancard Financial helps merchants in the high risk space segment increase profits because you will have flexibility to grow. You will have faster authorizations, advanced transaction management, and better customer service.
It is no secret that the high risk merchant space in the electronic payments marketplace continues to flourish.  There are a number of high risk merchants that are internet-based, and we have a strong online presence. The demand for high risk merchant accounts is ever increasing and we keep up with the trending changes almost daily.
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Tobacco, Vape, eCig, Cannabis
  • Fantasy Sports and Gaming
  • Video On Demand,
  • Membership Sites,
  • Timeshare,
  • Traffic,
  • Nutraceuticals,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Skin Care,
  • Online Dating,
  • Online Video Games,
  • Software Development and Sales,
  • Technical Support are just a few in a long list
If you are a high-risk merchant for one or more of the aforementioned services, you are aware of how difficult it can be for you to find a payment processing provider for your services. There are many payment processors who have deemed high-risk merchants too risky to do business with, but we do not.  At Bancard Financial, your high-risk merchant account does not scare us away.  We understand being open 24/7 and accepting payments from Glendale, Arizona and around the world in different currencies.We welcome you!  We have over 30 years of payment processing experience, and we believe all merchants deserve to be respected and treated with professionalism.
Some of the reasons high risk merchant accounts may scare the competition:
  • Delivery or access to intangible products
  • Products or services being sold require age verification
  • Greater risk for chargebacks or “friendly fraud”
  • Some of the businesses fall into a legal gray area