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Looking for a High Risk Merchant Account?

Bancard Financial is truly the “gold-standard” in high-risk merchant processing and placement.  Aligning your Business with the right bank makes all the difference in the world.  Our subject matter expertise, deep experience and world-wide partnerships have helped us forge a change in thinking when it comes to high risk.  We’re so confident in our process, technology and solutions that we welcome high risk accounts with open arms who are looking for a stable merchant processing relationship with trust and confidence.

Bancard Financial is the leading, premier high-risk merchant accounts facilitator, offering risk mitigation and merchant processing on behalf of businesses that have been categorized as high risk.   It can mean several things and may mean something different to different providers.  For example, there is credit risk for future delivery, chargeback risk, and reputational risk for types of products and services sold.  Bancard Financial has great expertise in high risk acquiring and has implemented technology to integrate traditional “shopping” of  merchants into a comprehensive underwriting package with risk mitigation built in and facilitated with the correct bank (So Important) or processing partner.  Bancard Financial empowers sales partners to successfully place high-risk merchants.

A full range of high risk merchant processing services is provided by Bancard Financial and expert advice on merchant account reserve requirements,  payment gateways, funding time frames, risk mitigation software, PCI DSS SAQ compliance, IRS TIN requirements, merchant account terms and more!