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Payment Processing By Bancard Financial

Payment Processing:
Utilize payment processing platforms customized for your business. Accept payments on your eCommerce website, or at your physical location. Credit and debit cards offer your customers a convenient ways to pay for your products and services.
Merchant Accounts:
Bancard Financial specializes in the activation of High Risk merchant accounts in the US, EU, Latin America, Canada, and Asia. Regardless of the size and scope of your business, Bancard Financial will custom-tailor a solution that works BEST for you.  Our services are not limited to just the high risk merchant; we offer merchant accounts to many business types and models.  Contact us today to learn how a custom tailored solution can work for you.  213-373-4653
Check Services:
Accepting many forms of electronic currency and payment forms is key to ensuring your customers have the proper options to buy your products and services. At Bancard Financial we provide businesses simple electronic check payment processing solutions, extending their systems into a virtual check-accepting cash register. There are many options with ACH (automated clearing house) processing, including auto-recurring billing with direct debits, and real-time updates & information on transaction status.
Credit Card Machines:
Verifone Vx520
All you will ever need for the 2015 EMV compliance requirements in a counter-top terminal. The Vx520 Dual Comm terminal includes a standard RJ11 and a 10baseT port for use over a traditional phone line or an Ethernet network for high speed transaction processing. This terminal supports value-added applications such as loyalty and gift card acceptance.

Accept Credit, Signature and PIN debit transactions using the mag-stripe or manual entry, contactless cards, Apple Pay and EMV chip card acceptance.

Bancard Financial Gateway iPS Enterprise Encrypted Mobile Reader
The New and improved iPS Enterprise card reader provides reliable and secure mobile payments in conjunction with the iProcess mobile app. Achieve card-present rates and increased security by converting your smart phone or tablet into a mobile terminal. iProcess is a simple, fast, and free application for Apple & Android device to process cards anywhere in the world over a cellular or WiFi connection.
ShopKeep POS system
Using a tablet based Point of Sale system allows you and your business to work more efficiently without the need to spend thousands of dollars on a traditional POS system. With support for multiple business types and multiple registers the possibilities are endless. Inventory Management, Customer Marketing and Staff Management are just a few things offered that can help make your business operate effortlessly.