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PCI Compliance
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Bancard Financial PCI Compliance | Security Standards Council

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council is the body that drives research, education, and awareness of PCI security standards. Bancard Financial has been in the payment card industry for over a decade, and can audit your processes and systems to ensure PCI

compliance, whether you are a small operation doing a self-assessment, or a larger organization that needs to be validated by an external assessor. Online security is of utmost importance to today’s consumers. If a customer is in need of your services or goods, they will first want to know that their information will be safe and secure. If there is a data breech and personal client information is revealed, you will not only be losing customers but you could potentially be faced with legal action and liability issues. If it is discovered that you were using a service that was not compliant with security standards, your liability issues could become much worse.
You want to keep loyal clients and customers around and attract new business as well. If your customers and clients cannot trust you and your business with their information, there will be no reason for them to continue doing business with you. One way that you can build and maintain that trust is to use a service that complies with every PCI Compliance guideline. The consumers who see this compliance will have peace of mind, knowing that their personal and financial information is being protected.
Another important reason behind using a service that is PCI compliant is because your business could face penalties and fines if you are not maintaining compliance with the standards. This can not only tarnish your reputation, but it can also cost you quite a bit of money. These hefty fines can be avoided by using  Bancard Financial as your provider since we thoroughly abide by the PCI standards.
PCI standards are changing regularly. These changes address current threats and provide updated standards for the newest technologies. It can be hard to keep track of all these changes if you have limited information technology staff. Bancard Financial is always abiding by PCI standards. We have a knowledgeable staff that makes knowing and implementing these standards a priority, even when they are changing. There are constant updates being made to systems and security to meet the new standards. This makes it so you are always PCI compliant.
You, your customers, and your clients deserve the peace of mind. PCI compliance is great for your business because maintaining these standards will give you and consumers that peace of mind. Bancard Financial implements the PCI standards so that every piece of financial data passed through or stored on your servers is as secure as possible. Once again, this will increase the trust that consumers have in your company. This is especially important when you are making online and international sales. It also reduces the number of customer service issues.
A data breech could harm your company long after it has occurred. Your entire business could be negatively affected if any of your customers or clients has their financial information revealed. Your reputation could be damaged, you could become liable for high amounts of monetary damages, and your customers and clients will lose trust in your business. These are all things that can be avoided if you use a provider like Bancard Financial, who will do everything to make sure sensitive information is being protected.