Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

//Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing | Bancard Financial

How Does Credit Card Processing For Possible For Small Business With No Monthly Fee?

Well, there are some instances that we offer services with no transaction fees. With Bancard Financial, We have a solution to payment processing through a credit card that completely eliminates merchant service fees. At Shift, we lessen your credit card fees 100%. This program; The Zero Fee Credit Card Processing has a lot to offer for merchants. Considering the benefits that you can get from 100% of the sale and 0% of the transaction cost.

Having to pay the credit card processing charges every time a customer uses a card makes it even worse. On their own credit card only, consumers don’t want to have to pay extra. You might also be aware that when a customer pays with a credit card, you pay an interchange charge. Interchange fees are the most costly and non-negotiable part of credit card payment collection. Nevertheless, other credit card processors now provide “Zero Fee Credit Card Processing” to seemingly resolve exchange rates and encourage businesses to make use of their services.  

How is the collection of zero fees true? This is easy! A solution that removes merchant service fees absolutely. Bancard Financial reduces your credit card fees. The costs to process any transaction in the form of a service or convenience payment are passed on by our credit card processing solution. Zero fee processing or no cost billing is a method for paying credit card payment payments that are distributed directly to the customers. Your clients will pay the fees instead of your company covering the production costs. Of course, most of us have now discovered that practically nothing marketed to be “free” actually comes at any cost. 


How Does Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Work?

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

We will help you save your merchant accounts a hundred of thousands of dollars every month with zero processing fees. With zero cost processing, the fees for acceptance of credit cards are passed to consumers who want to use such a form of payment. You will need to register for a free credit card payment plan to get going. Most of them sell you via a third-party provider while almost any merchant service provider is able to set up this system.

Additionally, only credit card surcharges can be added. Surcharges are essentially ways of passing processing costs to the clients as an extra fee applied to the bill when a transaction is done. The additional expense for the processing of credit cards is applied to the price shown after the customer decides to use his credit card to pay for a purchase. 

Surcharges VS. Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Activities in which the dealer’s credit card costs are offset by a minor fee to purchase is what we called surcharges. Credit card purchase surcharges can only be added, which may cause consumers to consider using their debit card or then paying cash to reduce the costs of credit card purchases that would not remove the fees. The advertised price is the price that the consumer charges for using a credit card with a cash discount plan. This will provide the customers with a much more fun surprise than being hit with a surcharge as these services allow customers the same kind of notification as overhead services. 

The most important thing to do if you charge a surcharge on card purchases is that only transactions involving credit and not debit cards are subject to a surcharge. Ensuring the fairness of customers and keeping the legal surcharge regulations in line. You can absolutely do that! Once consumers pay for their purchase, they must decide if the card they use is a debit or a credit card through Bancard Financial. No surcharge is levied if a debit card is used, to ensure that the customer is reasonably charged

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